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GiveBack Wins



Grant to New Jersey Non-Profit

Oprah’s Big Give winner, Stephen Paletta, generously awarded the Giving Circle Fund $10,000 for an after-school program at P.S. 2 in Chinatown, benefiting low-income immigrant families. Inspired by Paletta’s foundation, Kit Chan, the fund’s founder, secured an additional $10,000 by winning second place in Giveback’s 100 Days of Giving competition. Chan, a Chinatown resident since childhood, is dedicated to supporting immigrant children by providing academic help and assistance to families through the Giving Circle Fund’s initiatives, including individualized support and supply donations. With hopes of expanding outreach, Chan plans to offer scholarships to Stuyvesant High School students who assist at P.S. 2’s after-school program. The fund’s efforts focus on direct engagement, relying on volunteers to make a significant impact on children’s lives. She also mentioned her son Jeff was instrumental in supporting this effort; without him, she would not have been able to win this prize.

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