Welcome to Giving Circle Fund!

Kit Chan, Founder & Executive Director
Born in Hong Kong, Kit immigrated to the U.S. when she was thirteen years old. As with many immigrants, she could not speak English and found herself struggling to assimilate into her new environment. Fortunately, she found refuge in a non-profit organization in Chinatown, New York that mentored children though after-school and summer programs. The impact of this organization remains with her to this day as she fondly remembers the educational and emotional support she received as a teenager. Now, as a follower of Christ, she remembers the grace that was extended to her as a child and hopes to do the same for others. In 2007, Kit and a close group of friends decided to establish the Giving Circle Fund to improve the quality of life for at-risk children around the world. She hopes to provide children with safe spaces to be empowered, supported, and mentored, regardless of their circumstances.

Anne Shu, President
Anne immigrated from Hong Kong to the U.S. in 1975. She began her career as a bilingual legal secretary in New York, but after getting married she left to help her husband to manage his textile manufacture and real estates businesses. They now have four adult children. Anne lives in New Jersey and continues to works in New York where she has been serving the Chinese community there for many years. She desires to expand the philanthropic work that she does to serve more communities around the world. Serving as President at the Giving Circle Fund has allowed her to devote more time towards charitable causes she firmly believes in.

Andrew Chan, Chief Legal Officer
Andrew Chan is the Chief Legal Officer of the Giving Circle Fund. Andrew graduated from law school in 2009 and entered private practice in civil litigation. When he began practicing law, his goal was to achieve financial success to fund a high standard of living. After encountering Jesus Christ in 2013, his life mission completely changed. The enormity of God's love compelled him to seek opportunities to pour love into under-privileged communities around the world. Giving Circle Fund was one such opportunity. Currently, in addition to his work with ministries and NGO's in Cambodia, India, Africa and the greater New York area, he provides financial and volunteer support to Giving Circle Fund. His volunteer support for Giving Circle Fund includes weekly mentoring of two boys from an under-privileged family in Chinatown, New York.

Doris Chew, Legal Advisor
Her parents immigrated to the U.S. in the 1950’s and worked hard to provide for their four children. Despite growing up with great financial difficulty, Doris and her three siblings were fortunate to have loving and involved parents and a small, stable, and supportive circle of friends. After many years of hard work, Doris graduated from NYU School of Law, became a successful attorney, and started her own family. To this day, Doris believes that it would have been difficult, perhaps even impossible, to be where she is today if it had not been for the support system she found in her family and friends. Through the Giving Circle Fund, Doris wants to create support systems for children in need so they can thrive and remember that they are not alone.

Pui & Peter Ng, Treasurers
The Ngs immigrated from Hong Kong to New York in the late 1960’s and lived in NYC until 1988. Today they live in New Jersey but continue to work in NYC. They have been happily married for over thirty years with two adult children. When the idea to start the Giving Circle Fund was discussed amongst their friends, the Ngs were eager to get involved and support communities in need.

Jennifer Chew, Secretary
Jennifer was deeply impacted by her parent’s immigration stories, She remembers the hardships her parents endured and the sacrifices they made in order to raise a family in the U.S. Even though they only had a small network of friends and extended family to rely on, her parents were able to survive. Jennifer grew up in a low income neighborhood in NYC but never felt disadvantaged because of her tight knit family and a small group of caring friends. Her friends and family continue to provide a nurturing environment to her two daughters. The Giving Circle Fund gives Jennifer the opportunity to similarly create positive environments to make a difference in a child’s life.

Man Ying Mok, Vice President
Man Ying was born in New Territory, Hong Kong and raised in a very modest environment. She became an elementary school teacher and taught for a few years until she quit her job to assist her husband in his textile business. They worked together for 45 years and raised five beautiful daughters. Their business continues to flourish and their children are now all successful young adults. Man Ying has been the leader of the Care Committee at her church for over thirty years and remains very active in volunteer work. Her heart to serve others led her to commit to the Giving Circle Fund, which serves communities very much like the one she was raised in.

Jeff Chan, Media and Content Director
As a first-generation Chinese American, he grew up surrounded by American culture, while having many aspects of Chinese culture imparted to him through his family. His goal through his work in film and television is to positively balance the cultural identity of the Asian-American population. Through the Giving Circle Fund, he hopes to support and care for Chinese-American children by helping them understand that what makes them different is not something shameful but instead, something empowering and thrilling.

Louis Miu, Chief Financial Officer
Louis immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong when he was 19 years old, started his own accounting firm in New York's Chinatown in 1980. Like many immigrants, Louis' success is underscored by a robust work ethic. While attending Seton Hall University, he worked 32 hours each weekend as a waiter and had a 3-hour commute between Brooklyn and South Orange each Friday and Sunday by bus, train and subway. Today, Louis is a CPA, a philanthropist, Owner & President of Miu & Co., an active member of Seton Hall alumni community, serves on the Seton Hall President's Advisory Council, received the 2013 Business Leader Award from the Chinatown Partnership organization, served on the Board of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and loves music and photography. Louis currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and have 1 daughter. Louis attributes his success to a supportive group of family and friends and wants to help empower children in struggling communities to become productive and self-supporting adults.

Trudy Moy, Board Member
Trudy is an American-Born Chinese raised in Chinatown NYC. She graduated from NYU and worked as a preschool teacher in NYC until she moved to New Jersey to become a real estate agent. Now she is the owner-operator of a mortgage banking company for the last twenty years. Through her company, she assists individuals in need and believes in being honest and transparent in every aspect of her life, including her work. She has always been heavily involved in the Chinatown community through her volunteer work tutoring students and spending time with the underprivileged. Trudy is excited to be a part of the Giving Circle Fund, so that she may give children in need access to a proper education, emotional support, and a reminder that they are deeply loved and cared for.